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Primarily Melvin Construction specializes in;

  • Concrete - Large scale installations as well as small-scale residential projects are catered for.
  • Masonry Applications - Our highly skilled masons are capable of delivering a wide range of masonry finishes. From traditional CMU construction through to decorative finished facing brick applications.
  • Self-leveling - Many years experience in the application of self leveling finishes.
  • Plaster / Rendering - Specializing in a wide range of EIFS finishes. As well as 'traditional' diamond coat skim finishes, sand/cement render and compound applications.
  • Terrazzo - Contact us regarding our specialist terrazzo services. We can arrange for design and layout of your project and customize a tailored service.
  • Bluestone - Installation of bluestone paving systems.
  • Brownstone - High-end brownstone replacement and repair work carried out to match existing landmark properties.
  • Restoration - Facade restoration including painting, specialist mortar installation.
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